Sri Annamacharya Kirtis – Nitya Santhoshini

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  1. Sriman Narayana
  2. Itharulaku
  3. Deva Devam Bhaje
  4. Vande Vasudevam
  5. Dolayam
  6. Ippuditu Kalaganti
  7. Nitya Pujalivigo
  8. Twameva Sharanam
  9. Harinamamu
  10. PalukuTenela Talli

One Response to “Sri Annamacharya Kirtis – Nitya Santhoshini”

  • saravanan DUBAI Says:


    ├┐our Annamaya kirtis sung by all 3 kinds of people Bobay sisters,malladi brothers, nitya santhoshini ARE EXCELLENT.
    wE NEED 1000 EARS TO LISTEN. Why people are taking medicine for mental problem ? If they listen this kirithanas not necessary medicine. That much of peace,
    melodous and happiness are there

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